Motion Design Trends 2021

With live-action filming reaching an all-time low in 2020, motion design and animation are experiencing a major boom. When it comes to branding and entertainment content, niche disciplines have gone mainstream. So, how will animation and motion design evolve in 2021?

Here are some motion design trends we expect will hit new heights now that 2020 has passed – thankfully!

1. Minimalist and line art styles

In 2020, for better or worse, our lives all became significantly smaller and simpler.
One such motion design trend reflects this, with more minimalist animation styles that quite often involve line art.
The technique is also becoming more common for explainer videos.

2. Illustrative approach

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, audiences all over the world have become much more familiar to animation replacing live-action, especially in advertising.
However, the standard’vector animation’ look is starting to look kind of dull and repetitive. In 2021, we can expect to see a shift toward more illustrative and expressive animation styles on our screens.

3. Grain

The grain is a popular tool for giving motion graphics an authentic look. It adds texture to vector images and makes them more lively. The visuals have a rougher, more natural look.
Grain effects in motion graphics stand out from the crowd because they are more eye-catching and convey home-made creativity.

4. Morphing

Morphing has become a motion trend too. It is an effect that morphs one image or shape into another in a seamless transition. This concept of morphing is becoming even more popular today.
Morphing acts as a visual magnet, keeping the viewer’s attention and making them watch till the end. This technique is useful for website animation as it keeps the visitor’s attention on the page.

5. Amazing Sound Design

One of the most important part or foundation of motion design is sound design. Any background music and dialogues can set the premise, making it realistic and more captivating for the audience
A good voiceover and ambiance are essential for a motion design. Having the best sound design is just as important as having great motion design. But, more importantly, you should examine various examples of how sound design is used in the best motion design work.

Irrespective of the motion trends, motion designers must remember that the design must suit the idea behind it. 2020 was a fantastic year for many new beginnings and breakthroughs in a different fields and industries.
Hopefully, these trends will assist you in creating the most innovative and visually appealing videos and animations to assist you or your company in thriving!