Product Photography Trends 2021

I’ll likely lose my heart to the product because it looked so cool. I’ll want to purchase it. But why? What’s beyond quality product photos that make us fall in love with the products in them? Let me tell you.


It’s a sprinkle of surprise, a sprint of vividness, a pinch of authenticity, and a drizzle of aesthetics.


I’ve seen all of these elements in product photography trends. And I want to encourage you to learn more about what’s trending in retail photography. I’ll show you how to incorporate those latest trends in your product images (and make everyone fall in love with your products).


While it’s too soon to tell what trends will 2021 bring us, consider the below-mentioned product photography trends as projections for the retail industry.

1. Nightly vibes with neon signs

Neon signs were commonly found in the United States from the 1920s to 1960s. It seems the signs are getting more and more attention, making a statement in the nightly scenery yet again. Did you know
neon signs were once nicknamed liquid fire because of the visual impact they left?
There’s more to neon signs than the way they look. Neons give off a futuristic aura and a bit of nostalgia too. I’m a 90s baby but I’ve seen a couple of 80s movies that featured neon lights in arcades.

Consider night-time photography featuring neon lights as a way to portray cyberpunk, retro-futurism, or urban feels.

2. Modernism and geometry

Geometry and product photography is a match made in heaven, and we’re here for it.

This product photography trend features sleek lines, simplicity, and composition to give off a mid-century modern, futuristic vibe. You may have noticed—mid-century modern has been all the rage in home
decor and interior design for a while now. It’s a matter of time the design movement transfers to photography as well.

Mid-century modern is an American design movement in interior, product, graphic design, and architecture. The design movement was popular from 1945 to 1969. Its aesthetic is characterized by clean,
simple lines, and a lack of decorative embellishments.

3. Vivid, monochromatic colors

Monochromatic is used to describe having a single color. With monochrome photography, the entire image consists of a single color that’s represented in different shades.
Monochrome photography is most often used for artistic and aesthetic purposes. The photography will be effective when it comes to marketing expensive products as they’ll look fancier in a single color
So how is monochromatic images an upcoming product photography trend? They tie in perfectly with the ongoing satisfying content boom. People like color-coordinated content, it’s pleasing to the eye.
And if a product looks pleasing, one might want to get it for themselves!

4. Natural lighting with an authentic feel

Bright and natural lighting has always been a mainstay in photography. But then… how is natural lighting with an authentic feel different?
The difference is in the studio where the photos are taken. Nowadays, photographers explore still life photography outside of the perfect studio setup. It’s a bit more challenging to find the right lighting, but
when that’s done… Oh, look at the results!

5. Levitating objects and movement

Say goodbye to gravity as you dive into the depths of seamlessly levitating products. Levitation and movement have been a hot trend since I can remember.
What’s different now is the overall feel the photographs portray. Do you also see Alice in Wonderland vibes happening? Magical, mystical, and just odd enough to keep your focus on the photo and the
products in it.

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