Top 5 branding trends 2022

Even before you have the opportunity to show your target audience who you are as a brand, they have already developed an opinion based on your website, social media profile, ads, and other assets.

This reveal the value of your online visual presence. Your company’s professionalism and integrity are reflected in the material you publish, the style of your website, and the captions you employ.

Customers are attracted to or repelled by the impression your company produces. Your brand is the bedrock of it all.

People believe that the logo, colors, design, symbol, and other visual features of a brand are what define it. However, in this age of digital distraction, a great brand is much more.

What we’re trying to communicate is that a great logo and a catchy name aren’t enough to catch the attention of consumers and entice them to make a buy.

So, what makes a brand that piques the interest of its target market?

As a Creative Agency, we think that, in addition to knowing who your ideal audience is, articulating what your USP ‘’Unique Selling Proposition’’ is, and telling your messageclearly, you need also keep up with the emerging branding trends.

Find out with us the top five branding trends for 2022 that you should be mindful to get you started :

    1.Logo adaptability

Adaptability is one of the most essential aspects for a logo to flourish. You want your logo to fit the actual state of your brand and the current items or services you’re offering. At the same time, you want it to be adaptable enough to allow your company’s future expansion and growth.

The simple logo is the current style. Aside from the fact that simple wordmark logos with a powerful interface are aesthetically pleasant, current customers also don’t want to waste time learning about a brand. They expect communication to be clear and direct. Make sure your logo is clear and looks great even when scaled down to use as a profile photo in your social networks or posts, especially now that digital media is the dominating marketing channel.

Fancier and more ornate logos are fantastic, but when scaled down, they tend to seem twisted, making it difficult for people to recognize them. People will recognize your brand right away if you utilize a clean and simple logo that is legible even when scaled down.

Shape-shifting logos are another logo trend that we should expect to see more this year. These are logos that have several variations. Each one is tailored to a certain use.

Print ads, for example, may be more sophisticated and comprehensive since they demand bigger logos. One or two graphical aspects may need to be changed if you want to apply it for a mobile website.

Here’s  logos that changed shape:

      2.Keeping it minimalistic

Minimalism is a decade-long design movement that has influenced branding, whether in terms of visual identity or messaging. Costumers want clear communication and to comprehend a brand with the least amount of effort. On the other hand, brands must follow these client trends and speak clearly, without equivocation. This is why so many companies’ visual identities have become quite dull. Cursive fonts and other aesthetic components are being avoided. Instead, basic wordmark logos with a bold and simple typography are becoming increasingly popular. This makes applying the logo simple and reduces the work required of consumers to interact with your brand.

     3.Feeling nostalgic

We can expect brands that have been around for a looooong time to go retro this year. This is due to the fact that we now live in a world where we are always following trends and addicted to social media to keep up with the newest trends in many fields.

Going back in time and evoking old recollections would allow people to savor the past and relive the sensation of how things were when life was simpler. This can assist your target audience associate positive sensations with your products and services, allowing you to create trust and boost your chances of being remembered.

       4.Branded Visual Content

We cannot overstate how critical branded visual material is to your company’s success. As previously stated, many people will judge you based on your online posts, which is why you should carefully select what you put out there for the public to see and ensure that it reflects your brand’s aesthetics.

Because not all types of material will get the same reaction from your audience, you must figure out what makes them tick. This will give you an idea of what type of content your target audience would enjoy and respond to.

Knowing what your ideal clients want to see from you and providing variants of what they want is one of the secret sauces to success.

Hard – sell ads are no longer as appealing to current customers as they once were. You should be more real if you want to successfully attract leads and make sales.

Rather than forcing your products in people’s faces, earn their confidence by demonstrating your knowledge, offering advice, and just assisting them with their difficulties.

You’ll be more likely to attract your target audience’s attention and produce leads if you use infographics, GIFs, short-form videos, long-form films, and other more interactive types of content to convey significance.

However, you must ensure that everything you post online suits your brand’s image. If you’re planning to post a video, for example, your logo should be in the bottom corner. Users will recognize that this material was created by your firm, and it will gently market your brand.

       5.Being inclusive

Gone are the days when slim, blonde, and white was the world’s ideal of beauty. Diversity, body positivity, and inclusiveness are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It’s also affecting client expectations.

Millennials are more willing to support and buy from inclusive and diverse companies. By adding diversity in their branding strategy, small business owners understand the need of tackling social and cultural challenges.

This shows that now is the perfect moment to embrace inclusion for your brand. Instead of employing superstars, why not highlight your most devoted customers? Using real people who use your products or services in promotional ads or commercials is more fascinating and authentic than having famous people act out a script.

Being inclusive might also mean a variety of other things for other businesses, such as selling items at various price points and in various designs to accommodate differently-abled persons.

Nike is one of the brands that excels at fostering inclusion. This photograph represents the company’s inclusiveness and diversity:


Taking Your Brand to the Next Step

Brands are finding it increasingly challenging to attract their target audience’s attention, stay relevant, and acquire the confidence and loyalty of modern customers. However, keeping up with the current branding trends might be beneficial.

Keep your branding simple for marketers and company owners like you, ensure that your visual material online is consistent with your brand image, and place your consumers at the core of your branding so you can serve them in the best manner possible.

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